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  • Town hall in Neu-Anspach

    Neu-Anspach is located about 35 km north of Frankfurt behind the eastern ridge of the Taunus. The town belongs to the Hochtaunus district, the district town of Bad Homburg https://www.bad-homburg.de is about 12 km away.

    Neu-Anspach was created in the course of the territorial reform in Hesse on 1 December 1970 as a voluntary merger of the previously independent municipalities of Anspach, Rod am Berg and Hausen-Arnsbach. Westerfeld was added as the fourth district on 31 December 1971. Neu-Anspach has had municipal rights since 2007.

    The economy of the merging former villages was agricultural and tended to be small-scale. The aim of the 1970/72 merger was to promote the settlement of citizens who mainly work in the Frankfurt am Main area on newly designated building sites. Nevertheless, a number of small and medium-sized businesses have settled here, in addition to numerous commercial and service enterprises. Among the largest employers are the ADAM HALL GROUP and GUDECO.

    A tourist highlight is the HESSENPARK open-air museum. On an area of 65 hectares and in more than 100 historical buildings, the history of Hessian village life of the last centuries is shown.