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  • Slovenia is Slovenia is waiting for you to explore it. In your own way. 

    WEbsite “I feel Slovenia”
    Looking forward to exploring Slovenia
    A good overview of Slovenia and many insights can be found on the official homepage for tourism in German, English and Français.  

    Slovenia has a lot to offer, including a small and fine coastal region with a view of Italy around Portoroz and Piran (German, English, Slovenščini), Venetian in character, so very different from the charming hinterland.  

    The Gailtal valley is shared by Austria and Slovenia, with Styria on both sides of the border. The joint cultural database Gailtalnetz shows that borders do not separate here. Here, information on art, culture, but also nature and geology can be explored, with tips for lots of excursions, but also information destinations in Slovenia itself, such as Celje. Mobile enthusiasts with convertibles, e-bikes or motorbikes get their money’s worth at the blog Gailtal on tour.  

    The capital Ljubljana (German, English, Français, Slovenščini) is applying to be the European Capital of Culture in 2025, after Maribor in 2012. For Ljubljana, it would be another highlight, which is already considered an insider tip in the rest of the world, not only for holidays.  

    Those who have not yet been there have already encountered the place in its sweet form, the Blejska kremsnita – the cream slice from Bled. Of course this is not the only highlight which Bled has to offer. You should discover it (Website in German, English, Français, Slovenščini).  

    Slovenia has not only nature and churches to offer, but also castles and palaces.

    The website Slovenia Holidays is very helpful because it offers many tips for the whole country, not missing Celje or Ptuj, which we have already visited during a citizen meeting.

    A really impressive project is SKICA Berlin, the Slovenki kulturni centre Berlin / Slovenian Cultural Centre Berlin, which we would like to point out here.  SKICA Berlin is the cultural centre of the Republic of Slovenia in Berlin and is a joint project of the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Slovenia. It offers insights into cultural life and networks Slovenian and German cultural institutions and cultural practitioners.
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