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  • Spring is not only the time of new beginnings in nature, but also at the Association for the Promotion of International Relations.

    On 7 March, the association gathered for its annual general meeting, and it was a meeting of encounters and exchanges!

    With beaming faces and full of enthusiasm, important decisions were made and exciting plans forged to take the association’s activities to a new level this year.

    New and familiar faces on the Executive Board

    The members of the association voted in favour of a number of new board positions. Silke Jeltsch-Strempel was confirmed as deputy chairwoman, while Hartmut Klein took over as treasurer. Ulrike Redlich was also confirmed as secretary. In addition, Ute Chandoni-Goebel, Manfred Bletz, Klaus Hoffmann and Paul-Werner Geis were elected as assessors. Together with Helga Feller as 1st Chairperson, Andreas Braum as Deputy Chairperson and Mario Graser as Assessor, they form the newly composed Board team. A big thank you goes to the two Board members Christa Malik and Oliver Dittberner, who left the Board for personal reasons.

    Exciting events in the pipeline

    In addition to the board elections, there are two exciting events coming up. Firstly, the citizens’ meeting with friends from Šentjur and Saint Florent sur Cher promises to be an unforgettable experience. The programme also includes the trinational youth project with young people from the Adolf Reichwein School, the Collège Voltaire and the Osnovna šola Dramlje under the motto “Changing Perspectives in Europe”. As with previous youth projects, the patron of the youth project is Holger Bellino. 🌍

    Call to members and friends of the association

    But wait a minute! The association still needs hosts for the citizens’ meeting! It is a unique opportunity to welcome guests from the twin towns of Saint-Florent-sur-Cher 🇫🇷 and Sentjur 🇸🇮 and to gain intercultural experience. Anyone interested can register via the website of the Neu-Anspach Association for the Promotion of International Relations.

    A key to the diversity and unity of Europe

    The Association for the Promotion of International Relations firmly believes that town twinning is the key to diversity and unity in Europe. Let’s show Europe at its best together and build bridges between cultures!

    And what else? Here is an outlook on further activities and a call for participation!

    All those interested in Europe should make a note of the Taunusmesse in Neu-Anspach on 13 and 14 April. We will be there with our wheel of fortune to provide information about the European elections on 9 June 2024 and encourage voter turnout.

    Also make a note: On 4 May, this year’s Europe Day of the Hochtaunuskreis will take place in the municipality of Schmitten, where we will present and celebrate our town twinnings.

    We would like to thank everyone who attended the General Assembly and are ready for an exciting time full of intercultural encounters and new adventures!

    „Together in joy!” – “In Freude vereint!” – „Ensemble dans la joie”

    Trinational Youth Project 2023 in Šentjur

    The Slovenian organisers have created an absolutely fitting motto for the 13th town twinning youth project: “Together in joy!” This includes a multifaceted programme that has been assessed and financially supported by ErasmusPlus, the EU’s mobility programme for young people. With great hospitality, various activities and lots of fun, 24 Slovenian hosts – pupils from the primary and secondary school in Dramlje (Šentjur) – await the 12 young people from Neu-Anspach and Saint-Florent-sur-Cher in France. This time, the tutors from Germany are Michaela Schmidt for the Adolf Reichwein School and Andreas Braum for the Association for the Promotion of International Relations. From France, Sandrine Gatinois and her colleague Caroline Alger from the College Voltaire will accompany the pupils. The organising team of the Slovenian school is the headmistress Mirjana Aužner and the two teachers Mitjar Logar and Simon Hebar, who are supported by the staff of the Youth Centre in Sentjur Lara Zmaher and Ines Zelič.

    One of the young people from Neu-Anspach, Fianna Gubisch, reports:
    The first thing that was done on arrival in Dramlje, a district belonging to Šentjur, was of course a photo of all the exchange partners together. As everyone was exhausted from the journey, which partly took place overnight, the rest of the day was spent with the host families, as in the previous year.

    When it finally started on Monday, everyone got to know each other better through various games and discovered the school. At noon, we had a honey picnic where we could taste different types of honey.

    The following day, after a short warm-up programme, we went into the workshops: Cooking, using herbs for cosmetics and food and creating a barefoot park. Unfortunately, the following hike could not take place due to heavy rain, but was replaced by the preparations for Saturday. On Saturday evening, the hosts and the guests of the civic encounter and the youth project met for the common evening event, where they ate, danced, sang and simply celebrated.

    A very special guest gift was developed by Ines Zelič and Lara Zmaher from the Šentjur Youth Centre. With a lot of commitment and creativity, they created a photo book of all the youth projects so far.

    For those who want to discover the highlights and activities of the twinning youth projects since 2009, go to the digital photo album here.