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  • 11.02.2024, Lesezeit 3 Minuten

    Neu-Anspach invites you from Ascension Thursday, 9 May to Sunday, 12 May to the civic meeting with our French and Slovenian friends and to the trinational youth project from 5 to 12 May 2024.

    This year’s motto “A change of perspective in Europe” is also the programme in which participants from different generations will discuss issues relating to environmental protection and nature conservation, the responsible use of resources and the associated European dimension.

    So here’s another appeal: Be a host with an (international) heart!

    Open your doors and let us deepen the enriching contacts with our French and Slovenian friends together.

    Register now as a host. You will find the contact form below. Simply click on the green button, download it, fill it in and send it by email or post to the board email or postal address. Of course we can also answer your questions in advance by phone or e-mail.

    Contact form for hosts to download

    Good to know – Here’s an overview of how the weekend went:

    The guests are expected to arrive on Thursday afternoon (9 May 2024). There will be an optional guest welcome in Neu-Anspach together with the hosts in the Catholic community centre. This will be followed by dinner in the host families.

    On Friday, 10 May 2024, the guests will go on a full-day excursion, which will also include lunch.

    The Saturday morning is either at leisure with the guests – there may be an optional event in Neu-Anspach.

    In the evening, the closing evening takes place in the community centre in Neu-Anspach for guests and hosts.

    As in previous years, the Slovenian guests are expected to return home at midnight. The French guests will depart at around 9 a.m. on Sunday, 12 May 2024.

    You still need a few arguments in favour of your commitment? Then simply take a look at the “Association” section of this website. In the Frequently Asked Questions section you will find 5 good reasons to take part in town twinning meetings. Enjoy reading!

    „Together in joy!” – “In Freude vereint!” – „Ensemble dans la joie”

    Trinational Youth Project 2023 in Šentjur

    The Slovenian organisers have created an absolutely fitting motto for the 13th town twinning youth project: “Together in joy!” This includes a multifaceted programme that has been assessed and financially supported by ErasmusPlus, the EU’s mobility programme for young people. With great hospitality, various activities and lots of fun, 24 Slovenian hosts – pupils from the primary and secondary school in Dramlje (Šentjur) – await the 12 young people from Neu-Anspach and Saint-Florent-sur-Cher in France. This time, the tutors from Germany are Michaela Schmidt for the Adolf Reichwein School and Andreas Braum for the Association for the Promotion of International Relations. From France, Sandrine Gatinois and her colleague Caroline Alger from the College Voltaire will accompany the pupils. The organising team of the Slovenian school is the headmistress Mirjana Aužner and the two teachers Mitjar Logar and Simon Hebar, who are supported by the staff of the Youth Centre in Sentjur Lara Zmaher and Ines Zelič.

    One of the young people from Neu-Anspach, Fianna Gubisch, reports:
    The first thing that was done on arrival in Dramlje, a district belonging to Šentjur, was of course a photo of all the exchange partners together. As everyone was exhausted from the journey, which partly took place overnight, the rest of the day was spent with the host families, as in the previous year.

    When it finally started on Monday, everyone got to know each other better through various games and discovered the school. At noon, we had a honey picnic where we could taste different types of honey.

    The following day, after a short warm-up programme, we went into the workshops: Cooking, using herbs for cosmetics and food and creating a barefoot park. Unfortunately, the following hike could not take place due to heavy rain, but was replaced by the preparations for Saturday. On Saturday evening, the hosts and the guests of the civic encounter and the youth project met for the common evening event, where they ate, danced, sang and simply celebrated.

    A very special guest gift was developed by Ines Zelič and Lara Zmaher from the Šentjur Youth Centre. With a lot of commitment and creativity, they created a photo book of all the youth projects so far.

    For those who want to discover the highlights and activities of the twinning youth projects since 2009, go to the digital photo album here.

    Every year since 2009, 48 young people from the 3 twin towns of Saint-Florent-sur-Cher, Sentjur and Neu-Anspach meet to spend a week experiencing Europe, getting to know other cultures, working together in workshops and having fun.

    Financially supported by ErasmusPlus, the European mobility programme for young people, participants incur only low costs. Thanks to the voluntary work of the members of the Association for promotion of international relations (VzFiB), the comitees for town twinning in Sentjur and Saint-Florent-sur-Cher, the cooperating schools Adolf-Reichwein-Schule, Collège Voltaire and Osnova Sola Hrusev, Osnova Sola Dramlje, the municipalities and the students themselves every year a great program is created, organized, executed and evaluated.

    56 pages give an overview of the projects and show the highlights during the encounters.


    19.03.2023, reading time: 3 minutes

    Ulrike Redlich, Christa Malik, Oliver Dittberner, Helga Feller, Mario Graser, Andreas Braum, Ute Chandoni-Goebel, Silke Jeltsch-Strempel, Manfred Bletz (from left to right)

    More than 40 participants – members, friends and supporters – gathered at the association’s general meeting in the Bürgerhaus Neu-Anspach on 16 March to learn about the activities of the past year and upcoming projects.

    In 2022, the year of anniversaries, there were finally numerous events again. On the one hand, there was the town twinning with the French municipality of Saint-Florent-sur-Cher, which has been in existence for 40 years, and on the other hand, the 15-year ring twinning with Šentjur in Slovenia. Above all, the citizens’ meeting, which had been postponed several times due to the pandemic, and the trinational youth project in France finally took place.

    An important milestone was the signing of an official cooperation agreement between the VzFiB and the Adolf Reichwein School (ARS)..

    Ute Chandoni-Göbel, assessor, recalled the anniversary celebrations. These included several activities in Neu-Anspach and, above all, the large German-French caricature exhibition in cooperation with the town and the trade association, which aroused interest in the association among the citizens of Neu-Anspach and beyond.

    The VzFiB also emphasises and reinforces the European idea and how it is lived in Neu-Anspach via Facebook, Instagram and the new website in English, German and French. Not only did the number of members increase again to 149, but the number of pétanque players is also on the rise.

    Established and new names

    Helga Feller remains chairperson of the board and Andreas Braum one of her two deputies. Christa Malik will continue to look after the finances as treasurer. Following the departure of Christian Scheer, who resigned for professional reasons, Oliver Dittberner and Mario Glaser were elected as new assessors.

    Contribution rules and adjustment

    After a short discussion on whether children and young people should pay dues at all, the members decided on the new dues regulations with one vote against and one abstention. It provides for an adjustment of the annual fees to 20 Euros for adults, 10 Euros for children and youths and 40 Euros for families.
    This is the second fee adjustment since the founding of the association; since 2002, adults have paid an annual fee of 15 euros.
    The new contribution rules will come into effect in 2024.

    Ausblick auf das neue Vereinsjahr

    In 2023, which is already underway, after the presence at the Open Day of the Adolf Reichwein School in January, participation in the Europe Day in Kronberg on 6 May is on the agenda. Together with the young people of the Europa-AG, the city partners of the Kleeblatt community will be celebrated with culinary offerings. The smell of homemade crêpes will provide French flair, and Europe can be celebrated with non-alcoholic cocktails refined with Monin flavours from Bourges, which are known all over the world.

    Šentjur: Dobrodosli – Willkommen – Bienvenue

    Mitja Logar, teacher of Dramlje School (Šentjur)

    This year, the focus will be on the Ascension Week meeting with our French and Slovenian friends.

    The adults will travel to Šentjur from 18 to 21 May, the young people will already set off on 14 May for the 13th town twinning youth project.

    With a short and warm video greeting, Mitja Logar, teacher in charge of the project at the host school in Dramlje (a district of Šentjur), invites them to visit. He takes those present on a virtual tour of the classrooms, the sports facilities and the spring-decorated school foyer.

    On 26 August, the association will host the annual pétanque tournament in Neu-Anspach. Everyone who enjoys relaxed sporting competition is invited, as well as those who like to watch players practising the French national sport in the Taunus region.

    Hinauf, Up, up to the castle!

    This is the motto of the excursion to Hambach Castle, considered the cradle of democracy in Germany, on 3 October, the day of German unification. Both members and friends of the association are cordially invited to take part in a time travel to 1832 with the freedom fighters.

    As in the previous year, a lecture with Christophe Braouet, the managing director of the Franco-German Society, is being planned.

    Big anniversary celebration with the partners The board is also already looking ahead to next year. Then the VzFiB will invite its French and Slovenian friends to Neu-Anspach over Ascension Day 2024 for a partnership meeting and youth project.

    News from Saint-Florent-sur-Cher: Marie Line Cirre is the new mayoress

    Following the resignation of Mayor Nicole Progin in mid-January, the municipal council of Saint-Florent-sur-Cher elected Marie-Line Cirre, who had been the eighth deputy until then, as mayor at the end of February.

    The new head of the town hall was previously responsible for cultural affairs in the Neu-Anspach partner community. She now received 24 of the 29 votes cast and prevailed over a competitor from the left camp.

    Several VzFIB members already got to know the new mayor of the partner municipality last year in France and at the second anniversary celebration in Neu-Anspach. Mayor Thomas Pauli (SPD) has since also established personal contact with her and her family and is convinced: “She will do our town twinning good.”

    Finally: A big thank you to Evelyn Kreutz for the detailed article which was published in the Usinger Neue Presse of 18.03.2023, page 21 and is published here in a slightly modified and abridged form. The original article can be found in the press section of the website.

    Saturday 10 a.m. in Neu-Anspach: OPEN DAY at the Adolf Reichwein School on 28 January 2023. As a cooperation partner, we are happy to be there again. With the photo show, books, and especially the professional crêpes platter, more than a touch of France will be wafting through the school’s foyer. And with the fantastic T-shirts created and printed by the Europa-AG, a greeting of friendship also goes to Šentjur, the Slovenian twin town. The anticipation for the trinational youth project in May is rising.

    Amitié! Friendship! Prijateljstvo! Friendship! Friendship!

    Šentjur – so beautiful is Slovenia!

    Šentjur in Slovenia is hosting our tri-national citizens´ meeting this year.

    Traditionally, the meeting takes place on Ascension weekend. On Thursday, May 18, we will leave early in the morning by bus from Ohly & Weber, Neu-Anspach. The return is on Sunday evening, May 21, 2023. Those who want to go by their own car are also welcome to participate.  

    Our recommendation: Register right now using the contact form, which you can download below. This way you will make it easier for our Slovenian friends to organize the accommodation, which will be as usual in private accommodations.  

    Please send your signed registration by April 14, 2023 by mail to unterbringung@vzfib-neu-anspach.de or by mail to Verein zur Förderung internationaler Beziehungen, Helga Feller, Hans-Böckler-Str. 16, 61267 Neu-Anspach.   Do you have any questions about Šentjur, about the trip, about accommodation? Then contact us by mail (see above) or phone (0160-78 39 272).  

    More information about the Slovenian town, which is twinned with Neu-Anspach and Saint-Florent-sur-Cher since 2017, you can also find here on the website in the section twin town https://www.vzfib-neu-anspach.de/en/unsere-partnerstaedte-en/ .

    One more note on language and communication: Many Slovenians speak good English, some also German, so you can quickly get into contact with your hosts. If you want to learn a few words already, here are the most important vocabulary words to help you prepare for your trip:
    Yes = Dà
    No = Nè
    Hello = Zdravo
    Bye = čao
    Good morning = Dôbro jútro
    Good day = Dóber dán
    Good evening = Dóber večer
    Good night = Láhko nóč
    Goodbye = Nasvídenje
    Thank you = Hvála
    Please = Prósim
    Excuse me = Opravičílo
    Help = Na pomóč
    I am (…) = (Jaz) sem
    How are you doing = Kako gre?
    Very good = Zelódôbro
    Cheers = Na zdrávje

    Very easy, isn´t it?

    Well, come with us to Slovenia, the green heart of Europe! We are looking forward to your participation!

    22.02.2023, reading time: 2 min.

    After an interruption of 2 years, the traditional start of the year took place again on 21 January 2023. Even the sky welcomed this with extensive snowfall…

    Another novelty was the venue in the dance centre of the Tanzsport-Club Grün-Gelb in Westerfeld. A bright and spacious hall with a fantastic view of the snow-covered surroundings provided a great backdrop – many thanks go to the colleagues from Grün-Gelb for their hospitality.


    Already in the morning, a hard-working group of helpers decorated the hall and prepared tables and chairs for a good 40 visitors. More tables were also needed for the numerous delicious cake donations, the book display – which included the recently published work by Christophe Braouet “Deutschland und Frankreich schaffen das” (Germany and France can do it) – and, of course, the diverse association documents such as photo books, flyers, tourist information and citizens’ meeting registration forms. In addition, a screen for the automatic slide show with impressions of the partnerships since 1982 adorned the middle of the front of the hall.

    Review & outlook

    After the arrival of the guests and a first exchange – the reunion joy of the guests was great – Helga Feller invited to a review with many pictures of the past association year. The audience enjoyed coffee, tea and cake.

    A short and crisp quiz followed. The prize question was related to a current Franco-German event. Of course, it was the 60th anniversary of the Elysee Contract. Roland Munkelt, a long-time member of the association, was the first to know the answer and won a copy of the new cookery book “So schmeckt Europa” (“This is what europe tastes like”), by Europe direct Düsseldorf, hot off the press.

    We continued with the outlook on the currently planned activities:

    In 2024, a trip to Brussels will follow, also as a cooperation event with the Europa Union.

    The extensive programme was received with interest by the audience. The first registration forms for the citizens’ meeting in Šentjur were filled out and some participants decided on the spot to join the association! A good start into the new association year!

    In between, our member Andrea Braum invited us to a lecture she will give on 14 February 2023 at 19:30 in the Community Centre of the Catholic Church, Hans-Böckler-Str. 1-3. She will report on her 15-month mission for “Doctors without Borders” in Bangladesh. More information can be found on the church website: https://neu-anspach.franziskus-klara.de/beitrag/im-einsatz-fuer-aerzte-ohne-grenzen-in-bangladesch/


    08.12.2022, Usinger Neue Presse / Lokales, reading time 1 min

    Mayor John Grubinger and Head of International Relations of the City of Neu-Anspach Jürgen Strempel (from right to left) agree on a partnership exchange.

    Mayor John Grubinger and Head of International Relations of the City of Neu-Anspach Jürgen Strempel (from right to left) agree on a partnership exchange.  

    Jürgen Strempel (CDU), First Councillor of Neu-Anspach, used his traditional visit to the Advent market in the partner community of Thalgau to talk to Mayor John Grubinger. The focus was on an exchange of experiences about integral flood protection in Thalgau. 

    The last major flood in 2002/2003 led to a large-scale project in Thalgau, which is now in its final stage. 

    Mayor Grubinger handed over an overall documentation of the project to Councillor Strempel. It was also agreed that responsible persons from the administration of the town of Neu-Anspach could meet with the responsible staff in Thalgau to learn about the measures on site. “After all, these experiences from the partner community must flow into the municipal decision-making process,” Jürgen Strempel hopes. 

    Topics in December: A big thank you to all members, friends and sponsors – Review of the anniversary year – Invitation to the annual kick-off event!

    The December newsletter comes in a new format to all subscribers by email. Those who want to read it in classic pdf format – in German, English and French – can find it here. – also for download. If you would like to be kept up to date, you can subscribe to the newsletter at the bottom of the website. Simply enter your e-mail address and you will receive the next newsletter in your mailbox, simply and of course free of charge.

    Flipbook (Deutsch)
    Livret en ligne (F)
    Flipbook (English)


    What a year, the anniversary year 2022! Colourful and varied from January to December – here comes the review

    1 Flags at the town halls in Neu-Anspach and Šentjur to celebrate 15 years of diplomatic relations between Germany and Slovenia.

    2 There is so much France in Neu-Anspach – the Weddigen bookshop is just one of many places in the Kleeblattstadt that have a connection to France.

    3 At the Europe Evening, Christophe Braouet illuminates the special relationship between Germany and France.

    4 At the Europe Day of the Hochtaunuskreis, the association together with the Europa-AG of the Adolf-Reichwein-Schule represent the town of Neu-Anspach and its town twinning.

    5 Hooray – we meet in Saint-Florent-sur-Cher for the citizens’ meeting and the trinational youth project!

    6 Brigitte Glaser presents her book “Kaiserstuhl”, which thematically fits perfectly with the 40th anniversary of the Franco-German jumelage – a cooperation with bookshop Weddigen.

    7 Summer break! And in the background, preparations are underway for the anniversary week in September and October.

    8 “Let the “boules” (petanque metall balls) roll!” At the annual boules/pétanque tournament, experienced boulists and curious beginners meet for a passionate hunt for the “little pig” (= the so called “cochonnet”, the target ball).

    9 For one week, 62 caricatures on Franco-German friendship are on display in the windows of selected shops – a cooperation with the trade association to celebrate the jumelage.

    10 Delegates from the twin towns attend the anniversary celebration in the community centre.

    11 The friends in Sentjur, Thalgau and Saint-Florent also ring in the Advent season with Christmas and St. Nicholas markets.

    12 A visit to the St. Nicholas Market: Reinhold Friedl, Lukas Friedl and Johann Utzmeier travelled from Thalgau to offer Austrian delicacies to eat and drink in the tent. Along the way, the guests learn more about Neu-Anspach’s other twin towns.