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  • 11.02.2024, Lesezeit 3 Minuten

    Neu-Anspach invites you from Ascension Thursday, 9 May to Sunday, 12 May to the civic meeting with our French and Slovenian friends and to the trinational youth project from 5 to 12 May 2024.

    This year’s motto “A change of perspective in Europe” is also the programme in which participants from different generations will discuss issues relating to environmental protection and nature conservation, the responsible use of resources and the associated European dimension.

    So here’s another appeal: Be a host with an (international) heart!

    Open your doors and let us deepen the enriching contacts with our French and Slovenian friends together.

    Register now as a host. You will find the contact form below. Simply click on the green button, download it, fill it in and send it by email or post to the board email or postal address. Of course we can also answer your questions in advance by phone or e-mail.

    Contact form for hosts to download

    Good to know – Here’s an overview of how the weekend went:

    The guests are expected to arrive on Thursday afternoon (9 May 2024). There will be an optional guest welcome in Neu-Anspach together with the hosts in the Catholic community centre. This will be followed by dinner in the host families.

    On Friday, 10 May 2024, the guests will go on a full-day excursion, which will also include lunch.

    The Saturday morning is either at leisure with the guests – there may be an optional event in Neu-Anspach.

    In the evening, the closing evening takes place in the community centre in Neu-Anspach for guests and hosts.

    As in previous years, the Slovenian guests are expected to return home at midnight. The French guests will depart at around 9 a.m. on Sunday, 12 May 2024.

    You still need a few arguments in favour of your commitment? Then simply take a look at the “Association” section of this website. In the Frequently Asked Questions section you will find 5 good reasons to take part in town twinning meetings. Enjoy reading!

    „Together in joy!” – “In Freude vereint!” – „Ensemble dans la joie”

    Trinational Youth Project 2023 in Šentjur

    The Slovenian organisers have created an absolutely fitting motto for the 13th town twinning youth project: “Together in joy!” This includes a multifaceted programme that has been assessed and financially supported by ErasmusPlus, the EU’s mobility programme for young people. With great hospitality, various activities and lots of fun, 24 Slovenian hosts – pupils from the primary and secondary school in Dramlje (Šentjur) – await the 12 young people from Neu-Anspach and Saint-Florent-sur-Cher in France. This time, the tutors from Germany are Michaela Schmidt for the Adolf Reichwein School and Andreas Braum for the Association for the Promotion of International Relations. From France, Sandrine Gatinois and her colleague Caroline Alger from the College Voltaire will accompany the pupils. The organising team of the Slovenian school is the headmistress Mirjana Aužner and the two teachers Mitjar Logar and Simon Hebar, who are supported by the staff of the Youth Centre in Sentjur Lara Zmaher and Ines Zelič.

    One of the young people from Neu-Anspach, Fianna Gubisch, reports:
    The first thing that was done on arrival in Dramlje, a district belonging to Šentjur, was of course a photo of all the exchange partners together. As everyone was exhausted from the journey, which partly took place overnight, the rest of the day was spent with the host families, as in the previous year.

    When it finally started on Monday, everyone got to know each other better through various games and discovered the school. At noon, we had a honey picnic where we could taste different types of honey.

    The following day, after a short warm-up programme, we went into the workshops: Cooking, using herbs for cosmetics and food and creating a barefoot park. Unfortunately, the following hike could not take place due to heavy rain, but was replaced by the preparations for Saturday. On Saturday evening, the hosts and the guests of the civic encounter and the youth project met for the common evening event, where they ate, danced, sang and simply celebrated.

    A very special guest gift was developed by Ines Zelič and Lara Zmaher from the Šentjur Youth Centre. With a lot of commitment and creativity, they created a photo book of all the youth projects so far.

    For those who want to discover the highlights and activities of the twinning youth projects since 2009, go to the digital photo album here.

    Every year since 2009, 48 young people from the 3 twin towns of Saint-Florent-sur-Cher, Sentjur and Neu-Anspach meet to spend a week experiencing Europe, getting to know other cultures, working together in workshops and having fun.

    Financially supported by ErasmusPlus, the European mobility programme for young people, participants incur only low costs. Thanks to the voluntary work of the members of the Association for promotion of international relations (VzFiB), the comitees for town twinning in Sentjur and Saint-Florent-sur-Cher, the cooperating schools Adolf-Reichwein-Schule, Collège Voltaire and Osnova Sola Hrusev, Osnova Sola Dramlje, the municipalities and the students themselves every year a great program is created, organized, executed and evaluated.

    56 pages give an overview of the projects and show the highlights during the encounters.


    „Acting to live better together! Agir pour mieux vivre ensemble” Gemeinsam aktiv für ein besseres Zusammenleben.“

    – Trinational Youth project 2022 in Saint-Florent-sur-Cher

    After a two-year break due to the pandemy the friends from Germany, France and Slovenia finally met again in person over Ascension Day. This time, as planned since 2020, in the French town of Saint-Florent-sur-Cher. Every year, the young people from the three twin towns form the vanguard for the big partnership meeting in the course of the youth project.

    Eleven young people from the Adolf Reichwein School travelled to Paris by train with teacher Lili Kramer and Helga Feller, Chairperson of the Association for the Promotion of International Relations Neu-Anspach (VzFIB). Even the 90-minute sightseeing tour in the French capital was a great way to get in the mood for a week in France.

    In Saint-Florent-sur-Cher they met the French participants of the youth project and the young people from Sentjur in Slovenia. Mayor Nicole Progin welcomed the young people at the beginning in her official residence in the Florentais castle. The first day was full of interesting impressions for the 47 young people and their companions and so it continued. With workshops, discovery tours in the twin town and the nearby district town of Bourges, a visit to the climbing park that literally fell into the water, where, due to the weather, instead of scrambling, they were able to exchange ideas and get to know each other, and numerous other highlights, the organisational team in France, consisting of the twinning committee and the school, especially the teacher Sandrine Gatinois and her colleague from the youth centre, Magali Grochoki, had designed an exciting programme. This not only met the strict evaluation standards of ErasmusPlus, but also excited the young people and their companions. Everyone worked with commitment, learned a lot and had a lot of fun. As usual, the workshop results were presented to the participants of the citizens’ encounter and the parents of the French young people at the colourful final evening.

    This week of exchange, learning and working together and having fun went by much too quickly – as always, there were tears of farewell and the heartfelt wish of all to see each other again soon… In the spirit of Erasmus: enriches lives, opens minds.

    We look forward to seeing you again in 2023 in Šentjur – the invitation was already extended by the committee chairman Robert Gajsek at the “Bunten Abend” and a heartfelt “Merci” to the friends in Saint-Florent-sur-Cher!

    „Our Future is now! – Unsere Zukunft ist jetzt!“

    „Notre avenir, c’est maintenant” !

    This was the motto of the trinational youth project 2019 in Neu-Anspach.

    Here is a selection of photos taken during the project. First of all, there was the arrival of the participants and their companions on Sunday. On Monday morning, the project started with the official welcome in the community centre by Mayor Pauli, the headmasters of the ARS, Mr Rosenstock and Mr Stanzel. Mr. Rodriguez, representing Mainova, one of the main sponsors of the project, handed over the cajons for the cajon workshop and with lively music from the ARS band, things got started. For three days, various workshops took place in the mornings, in the afternoons there was a scavenger hunt through Neu-Anspach, a guided tour of the ADAM HALL Group, the local international manufacturer of event technology solutions, and a visit to Bad Homburg. Frankfurt was on the agenda on Friday. On Saturday morning, the young people, their host families and the participants of the citizens’ encounter, who had been guests in Neu-Anspach since Thursday, met for a game without borders on the fairground behind the town hall. The young people presented the results of their workshops at the colourful evening.

    7 days of dialogue, exchange and international encounters across language barriers – supported by ErasmusPlus and other sponsors – realised by 48 motivated young people, committed guides, creative organisers and supporters from Neu-Anspach and the partner towns.sponsors – realised by 48 motivated young people, committed guides, creative organisers and supporters from Neu-Anspach and the partner towns.

    “Bridging values – embracing differences!”

    – Trinational youth project of the twin towns 2018 in Šentjur

    The international youth project involving 48 young people from the partner municipalities of Šentjur, Neu-Anspach, Germany and Saint-Florent-sur-Cher, France, will spend a week in 2018 bridging intercultural differences, strengthening intercultural dialogue and the opportunities that diversity offers.

    This year’s exchange will take place at the Slivnica School in Gorizia near Slivnica. The 12 young people each from Germany and France will be hosted by the Slivnica and Blaz Kocen schools in the Ponikva district.

    The young people exchange their ideas about community and friendship. In workshops, sports, games and fun, they experience how quickly one can communicate across language barriers and how much fun it is to get involved with new acquaintances. Accommodation in host families allows you to discover differences and similarities in family life, food and leisure activities. A visit to the country’s capital Ljubljana rounds off the varied programme, which also meets the strict ErasmusPlus funding guidelines this year. As always, 7 intensive days fly by. With many tears of farewell and the promise to stay in touch, 12 young people each travel back to Neu-Anspach and to Saint-Florent-sur-Cher with a lot of new impressions, a new awareness of diversity.