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  • The oldest town twinning links Neu-Anspach with the municipality of Thalgau in Austria. This connection has existed since 1973.

    Thalgau, one of the oldest settlements in the country, lies in a wide valley, north-east of the provincial capital Salzburg, in the midst of the Salzkammergut lakes.

    Today Thalgau is a central village in the eastern part of Flachgau with about 5,700 inhabitants. The municipality covers an area of 48.2 square kilometres.

    Due to its proximity to the festival city of Salzburg and the Salzkammergut lakes, Thalgau is a popular feel-good place and known for numerous cultural & culinary activities.

    From interesting excursion destinations to extensive cycling and hiking trails, the region is a source of strength that is well worth discovering.

    On the tourism page, the municipality advertises with these words:

    Do you long for sporting activities surrounded by unspoilt nature, or do you want to visit a wide variety of cultural events? Thalgau offers relaxing and eventful holidays for every taste!

    Whether you want to spend your annual holiday here or just a weekend, Thalgau is the place to be all year round – we are always in season.

    The following links provide further insights into the partner municipality:

    To the website of the municipality: https://www.thalgau.at/

    The digital edition of the municipality info is available here: https://www.thalgau.at/Aktuelles/Gemeinde-Info

    To the Thalgau tourism site with accommodation directory, tips for excursions, places of interest and events, go here: https://www.thalgau-tourismus.at/

    You can take a tour of Thalgau with this entertaining youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n4FkysFZPLo

    And best of all, be there at the next citizens’ meeting at the christmas market in Neu-Anspach or/ and Thalgau to get to know the country and its people personally.