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  • Silke Jeltsch-Strempel (Association), Jürgen Strempel (Councilor for International Relations), Helga Feller (Association), Hans (Johann Utzmeier, Thalgau), Reini (Reinhold Friedl, Thalgau), Luki (Lukas Friedl, Thalgau)


    Riesenfreude in Neu-Anspach nach 2 Jahren Coronapause: eine große Bühne vor dem Bürgerhaus, umgeben von vielen Buden, Zelten und einem Karussell – ja, es ist wieder Nikolausmarkt! Und der Nikolaus hat auch für die Thalgauer Freunde einen Platz reserviert! Neben dem Feldberg Center steht diesmal der Stand der Städtepartnerschaft mit Thalgau. Reini (Reinhold Friedl), Luki (Lukas Friedl) und Hans (Johannes Utzmeier) haben den langen Weg zu uns auf sich genommen, um uns wieder mit den Spezialitäten ihrer Heimat zu verwöhnen.

    Some snow a little in time beforehand ensured the perfect pre-Christmas atmosphere! Many visitors came and crowded in front of the stalls from early afternoon until late evening, enjoying the extensive range of cold, warm and hot drinks and small dishes….

    Our joint stand with our friends from Thalgau also fills up in the course of the afternoon and is sometimes “jam-packed”. Reini and his team have their hands full serving punch, wine and beer and serving delicious ham sandwiches. Also on offer: bacon and smoked trout, because all three Thalgauers are members of the local sports fishing club. Our “information stand” – 2 tables full of brochures and photo books, surrounded by tourist posters from Slovenia – is also well attended.

    There are some spontaneous conversations with old and new Neu-Anspach residents. Alois Časar comes by with his wife Gudrun. They look at the posters and are surprised to find a view of the coastal town of Piran from above! Alois is thrilled: “There’s the house where I used to live! And there is the spot on the steep coast, next to the church, where I jumped over 50 metres into the sea when I was a teenager!!!” Alois goes on to say that he came to Germany half a century ago, met Gudrun soon after and has lived in Anspach ever since! Well, if that doesn’t fit wonderfully and perfectly with our Slovenian partnership!

    Alois Časar is pleased to discover the house where he lived as a youth in Slovenia on one of our posters.

    This beautiful day flew by. The “official part” ended around 10 pm. After that, we had to clear up before we went to the Bürgerhaus restaurant for a cosy farewell chat!

    “Come home safely and I hope to see you again soon,” was heard everywhere.

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